2022 edition


Nicolò Filippo Rosso


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Exodus focuses on a long-term projects in Latin America started in 2018. Nicolò Filippo Rosso traveled the migratory routes for four years, documenting the journey of refugees and migrants from Venezuela to Colombia and from Central America to Mexico and the United States.
Crossing border territories controlled by gangs and rebel groups, migrants are exposed to trafficking and forced recruitment. Some never reach their destination. Others continue to move, often on foot, hoping to find a place where they can start a new chapter in their lives.

The jury, composed of

Patricia Franceschetti
Martina Bacigalupo
Elena Boille
Daria Bonera
Jim Casper
Manuel Rivera Ortiz
Moshe Rosenzveig OM

has also selected the following finalist projects:


Perù a toxic state di Alessandro Cinque
Escape Alessio Paduano
Monsoons never cross the mountains Camillo Pasquarelli
Santa Lucia Ciro Battiloro
Bagnanti Daniele Vita
The New Sultan Emanuele Satolli
Afghanistan before and after August 2021 Lorenzo Tugnoli
Cracolandia Luca Meola
Afghanistan a Land of Continouos Conflict Majid Saeedi
The Other Border Marc Sanye
M+T Mary Gelman
Epidemic Massimo Berruti
We Want Freedom Michele Lapini
A Decade of War and Destruction for Freedom Mouneb Taim
Exodus Nicolò Filippo Rosso

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