“Exodus” Nicolò Filippo Rosso


in collaboration with FONDAZIONE ROMANO CAGNONI


curated by Benedetta Donato
Opening 30 Marzo 2023 h. 19.00


For the first time in Rome, there will be a selection of photographs taken from the extensive EXODUS project by Nicolò Filippo Rosso, winner of the Romano Cagnoni Award 2022, the international photojournalism award born in memory of the great author. The journey along the migratory routes from Venezuela to Colombia, from Central America to Mexico and the United States, is documented by Nicolò Filippo Rosso who decipts the exoduses that characterize Latin America. The countless stories of loss and separation, the conditions of social inequality and lack of access to primary and fundamental rights emerge from the photographs on display, which unite the stories of those who are forced to emigrate to escape exclusion and discrimination in pursuit of a better life. “It is a fundamental testimony of a complex subject. A true and dynamic story, able to report conditions of social inequality, lack of access to primary rights and extreme difficulty in acquiring fundamental freedoms, which characterize the phenomenon of migration in Latin America and which the author manages to represent in all its facets, offering an important and continuous signal, revealing a marked capacity for photojournalistic analysis, which is combined with remarkable qualities of sensitivity, instinct and human involvement”. These are the reasons expressed by the jury of the second edition of the Romano Cagnoni Award, composed by authoritative exponents of the sector, such as: Martina Bacigalupo, photographer and photo editor of Revue 6MOIS, Elena Boille, deputy director and photo editor of the magazine Internazionale, Daria Bonera, founder of DB Agency and visual editor of CESURA, Jim Casper, director of LensCulture, Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, photographer and President of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation (Arles), Moshe Rosenzveig, founder and director of the Head On Photo Festival (Sydney), Patricia Franceschetti Cagnoni, President of the Romano Cagnoni Foundation and President of the jury, who unanimously identified EXODUS, the best interpretation of FREEDOM, as the theme of the 2022 edition. To accompany the photographic exhibition, there are  projections of video contributions on the works of the winner Nicolò Filippo Rosso, Lorenzo Tugnoli and Mary Gelman, authors who have respectively won the Special Mention and the Under 30 Special Mention of the Romano Cagnoni Award 2022. There will also be a tribute to the figure of Romano Cagnoni, to whom the award is dedicated, as this great author is counted among the most important photographers of the ‘900  known to the public.

The Romano Cagnoni Award, an international photojournalism award whose direction is entrusted to Benedetta Donato, is promoted by the Romano Cagnoni Foundation, in collaboration with Photolux Festival, with the support of the Lens Culture platform. Born in 2019, in memory of the great photojournalist Romano Cagnoni (1935-2018), it aims to support photographers who investigate with depth and participation, topics related to the human condition, social and environmental change, humanitarian crises and the violation of human rights in the world.

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